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XpertCraft Tutors, a subsidiary of Bortsolutions Ltd, is a UK’s Premier Private Tutoring Company. Our platform was established in 2019 by experienced Business Training Consultants and Education Professionals with many years of training experience in the academic field and industries. 

We work closely with our network of carefully selected passionate, exceptional and experienced Private Tutors worldwide, to provide educational and academic support to pupils, students, institutions and organizations. We have built our business and reputation on three core values: integrity, honesty and educational excellence. 

We offer personal/ private tutoring service and assistance with academic subjects, basically helping students and organizations all over, to learn new subjects they find challenging and to upskill themselves to compete effectively in today’s competitive business and technological environment. “Ensuring ubiquity of quality teaching and learning”.

Our platform connects tutors and students at all levels for all kinds of learning either online or offline in-person, one-to-one/ private tutoring or group sessions in different subject disciplines; to help those with individual or specific subject needs to succeed or pass their examinations. 

We also provide test/ exam prep service using real-time interactive teaching online and in-person tutoring (offline), on one-to-one basis and group sessions to pupils, students, institutions and businesses. … And we have ensured that we have provided our private tutors all the tools they need on our XpertCraft Tutors platform to make that happen. 

In terms of online tutoring, our XpertCraft Tutors platform enables real-time classroom/ auditoria interaction experience to happen between learners and our professional tutors across different time zones – irrespective of the location distance between participants.

Learners, on our platform, can participate physically in our online classroom activities, see their tutor in person, listen to him, ask their individual questions ‘off the cuff’, and get immediate answers to issues that arise during lessons by the tutor in real-time. Both our tutors and the students can annotate freely on our online whiteboards; and our professional tutors have our sophisticated teaching tools at their disposal to support their teaching and to motivate their learners.

In our online group sessions, learners can engage with the personality of other group members, to sense and experience their reactions, questions and views, and the tutor’s answers; all in real-time.

All lessons on our platform are recorded, this enables our learners to re-visit the specific session again for revision.

We have pre-recorded courses available to cater for students who prefer that option.

We also provide real-time online interactive platform for research collaboration, scientific and academic writing/ publishing collaboration, video conferencing, events and live webinars for organizations and special interest groups.

Charity aspect: We will use part of the money from our training to provide free tutoring to children from poor families, who cannot afford the tuition fees.

Our motto: “Quality tutoring and education for all irrespective of location, learning ability and social status. Why fall behind? We’re here to help!”

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